Tips on what to do if you are scammed online

Tips on what to do if you are scammed online

by Donals Anderson, December 11, 2017

Everyone is not safe from scammers. They target everyone by their fraudulent tactics like Phishing on your email, Smishing on your Mobile devices, and malwares on your laptops or Computer.  They are using and taking advantage over our panic attacks, our fear, our curiosity and especially our weakest link which … Continue reading

Perfect Password vs. Weak Password

by Donals Anderson, November 29, 2017

Every account that we do in any site requires Password. The reason is to create a user authentication to access the account. Password can protect you from whoever that wants to compromise your account and with malicious intention for sure.   A hacker can attack your password in many ways … Continue reading

Less Than 50% of British Small Business Prepared for Cyber Attack

by Paul Davies, November 24, 2017

It’s bad news for many small businesses in the UK today as fraud experts CSID have stated that less than 50% of all small businesses are sufficiently protected against cybercrime. In their report they state that 52% of all small businesses in the UK do not have sufficient security in … Continue reading

How to protect yourself from malicious QR codes

How to protect yourself from malicious QR codes

by Donals Anderson, November 17, 2017

QR codes or Quick Response Codes are those small black and white squares like barcodes that we can see anywhere. It is usually found in a transitory media where a piece of information about the media is put in the QR codes. Listed here are some of the things where … Continue reading

Because of Your Basic Rights to Internet Freedom and Privacy

by ehadmin, March 25, 2016

Even if you’re not downloading torrents, you’re not making embarrassing Google searches, you’re not using public networks and you have no need to bypass the restrictions of your workplace, privacy is a basic right, as is the right to browse freely. Not only that, surveys show that most people agree … Continue reading

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