Perfect Password vs. Weak Password

by Donals Anderson, November 29, 2017

Every account that we do in any site requires Password. The reason is to create a user authentication to access the account. Password can protect you from whoever that wants to compromise your account and with malicious intention for sure.


A hacker can attack your password in many ways like using a cracking tool, using words from dictionary, or using the alpha-numeric combinations. And there are also hackers that work and crack password offline. A hacker downloads a password hash (Hash, where password are stored, based on math and it is scrambled) or copies it and take it at home to work on. Once they cracked the file then they can log in to the account and do whatever they want.


To compare the difference between the perfect password and the weak password here are some reasons why we should take a good thinking on what password to create.

Random vs. Predictable Password

It is better when you have created a randomly picked composition of password and because it is composed of patterns that hackers can take a hard time to identify it. When password is made of numbers or keystrokes then hackers can’t use their dictionary based password cracking tool.

Complex vs. Simple Password

Complex password is a composition of mix characters, not just numbers only or letters only. It should be mixed and even better if with special characters.

Long vs. Short Password

Hackers take time to crack passwords and while there are short passwords, there are also long passwords that mean a hacker may need longer time cracking it than the short ones. Passphrases is a kind of password that can be a phrase from a song or a verse or a line in a movie. You can mix this with numbers and characters to make it stronger.

And if ever you already have a perfect password that is random, complex and long, be sure to avoid doing the enlisted below:

Old password Reusing. An old password cannot be used again because someone might have had your old password. And hackers can also use it again and again to crack the password of your account and maybe now they can succeed.

Keyboard Patterns. This a very good escape to the process of creating a password. Patterns like “qwerty”, “1234567890”, “abcdef”, or the famous “111111” and these patterns guaranteed are already included in their cracking tool system. You do this and you will make the hacker’s job easy.

Password Doubling. Passwords which are typed twice to make it lengthy is not a good idea. This is still very weak and creates a pattern than can be very useful and easy for the hackers to crack.

Using word from the Dictionary. As said, hackers used a cracking tool out of words from the dictionary so this means using one of the words from a dictionary even the longest or hardest to spell kind of word is not a good password. Even if you combined number of words, still you used words from the dictionary. It is better to mixed it with other characters and numbers.

With these simple tips you can make your password harder to crack. It is better to be patient in creating password than be sorry. Make each password a perfect password.