Tips on what to do if you are scammed online

Tips on what to do if you are scammed online

by Donals Anderson, December 11, 2017

Everyone is not safe from scammers. They target everyone by their fraudulent tactics like Phishing on your email, Smishing on your Mobile devices, and malwares on your laptops or Computer.  They are using and taking advantage over our panic attacks, our fear, our curiosity and especially our weakest link which is our family.

When it is easier to say that “prevention is better than cure”, here are some tips on how to spot scams online and what to do about it:

Involves Money

Money is usually the main bait for most of the scams. Scammers can say you won lottery, or your money is in danger, or anything that involves money. In such tactics, don’t ever fall for it. They will ask for your financial information and will say like you won a lottery and give them the bank details to deposit the money, or it is a part of their system maintenance to make sure the account is still intact or the will freeze the account.  Lottery agency won’t do this, your bank won’t do this, if there is money involved in any suspicious messages, whether in emails or mobile device, be cautious that it is a scam.  

Never give your credit card information or any other financial information to anyone in email. Don’t click on links. And always verify authenticity of the message you received. If it is from your bank then take the time to confirm the message to them.

It sounds too good to be true

Because scammers are desperate to get your attention, they will say anything that can get you attracted to their scam. So if anyone sends you a message saying that they know a way to make money easier then that’s a scam. Mostly they will make you download an attachment to install software as start of the “money-making” process which in reality is a malware.

Don’t download attachment from unknown source. Always remember that there is no money earned with less effort.

Saying it is Urgent

They used tactics like this, saying it is urgent, don’t wait, and do it now. This is a fake message to mislead your thought. They can say you committed a crime or blackmailing you or threatening you about your family. They will ask you for money to settle everything.

Take time to read and analyze the emails or messages. Contact your family to check or if it’s threatening your family then you should call the law enforcement as soon as possible.

How about you are already SCAMMED, what to do about it?

Let’s say you fall for a scam. Clear your mind and think on what to do about it. We have here the things that you can do if ever (how we wish you didn’t) you are scammed:

You can call your bank or Credit Card Company IMMEDIATELY

In the event that you have given your financial information to a scammer then you have to inform your financial information to put your account on hold.

Call the attention of the local law enforcement

A realization that you are rob is enough reason to call the police, there is no need to hesitate. Whether it is made over the internet, it is important to make a report especially if your money is stolen from your account.

Filing your Fraud statement

File a Fraud statement to the credit bureaus to alert them about the scam. This will act as a red flag to anyone and warned them about the scam.

Update your malware and scan your computer

The scammers may have embedded a malware to your computer and maybe they are not yet over on doing bad things to you. The malware can capture your information.