Years of Security Lapses Left Government Personnel Agency Open to Hacks

by Paul Davies, June 19, 2015

Capitol Hill came under scrutiny yet again this week when it became apparent how the lack of fundamental online protection at the Offices of Personnel management led to the 2014 hack that left millions of Government employees exposed. In a hearing held in front of the House of Oversight and … Continue reading

Don’t Become ‘Resigned to the Inevitability of Surveillance’

by Paul Davies, June 9, 2015

Marketers and Search Engines in particular have been trying to feed us the same line forever. Both insist that consumers are perfectly happy to hand over private information in return for incentives or a better user experience. However a recent report by the University of Pennsylvania is now fighting back … Continue reading

How Private is Google Privacy?

by Paul Davies, June 4, 2015

e The extent of information that Google is able to collect about every online user appears to be growing by the day. It seems that 24 hours cannot go past without another insight into their ability to gain new information. But now it looks like Google are starting to do … Continue reading

Google Play Exposes Minecraft Users to Attack

by Paul Davies, May 30, 2015

Saying you haven’t heard of Minecraft is a bit like saying you haven’t heard of Candy Crush. The craze has swept the nation, with people of all ages finding Steve is really the only friend they need in life. But thanks to some malicious predators that have penetrated the Google … Continue reading

Is Apple Greener Than You Think?

by Paul Davies, May 20, 2015

You may think that with Greenpeace focusing on saving the whales and fighting for global justice, they don’t have time to look at the environmental impact of the top technological companies across the world. But you couldn’t be more wrong. And what’s more, their new research says that one of … Continue reading

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