Could Passwords Become a Thing of the Past?

by Paul Davies, July 8, 2015

Here at EasyHide-VPN, we have always emphasized the need for high quality, original passwords to maximize online security. But now it seems may be going one step further and getting rid of passwords altogether.

The Risk Behind Passwords

The key to any online security method is to ensure maximum security at every turn. And when it comes to passwords, this means ensuring every individual password you use is completely original – and hard to break. No obvious words should ever be used (sadly ‘password’ is still the most popular password in the world). And no duplicating passwords on multiple sites (once one password has been hacked, it can then unlock multiple lines of access).

But there are a significant amount of online users that find multiple, original passwords too much to handle. The elderly, those with bad short term memory, and those who are simply not able to generate passwords with significant levels of complexity are left exposed by this form of protection.

Now though, think they have come up with a way to stop the risks associated with weak passwords. Simply don’t use them!

How It Works

Under the new log on system for this communication site, users are given the option to log in using their existing Facebook and Twitter accounts. Or, if they prefer, they can simply use their email address for access and negate the need for passwords all together.

With this option, the user simply enters their email address and an access link is sent directly to their email box, so that they can gain access to their account without having to remember anything.

Just like a ‘lost password’ email, these links are only valid for a limited amount of time. And if you’re using a high quality VPN, it is still possible to hide IP addresses, and keep your online presence safe.

Is This The End of Passwords?

Now that the likes of Apple are moving towards fingerprint identity on many new devices, and are working towards making their site password free, there are those that still claim that passwords are the safest way to go. After all, the very email address used to collect the link in this situation will still be protected by its own password.

But believe that the new process will actually provide more protection than the standard password log on.

At the moment, being password-free is only one of the ways to access the site, and it’ll be interesting to see whether are able to go all the way, and eradicate other forms of log on all together.

While the rest of the world is still using password security, ensure you follow the basic rules:

  • Keep your passwords original
  • Use emoticons and special symbols when possible to increase complexity
  • Don’t tell anyone your passwords
  • Use original passwords for every site
  • Change your passwords on a regular basis
  • Only access your protected sites when you are sure your network is secure.

It’s the best way to keep safe… for now at least.