What Is a VPN Service?

by Paul Davies, January 14, 2015

A high quality Virtual Private Network Service offers every user the ability to connect to the internet via traditional public infrastructure but whilst enjoying the same level of security they would benefit from should they be connected to their own private network.

Whenever your device connects to the web it opens itself, and your information, to attack from external sources. However with a VPN, your information is as secure as if you were transferring it to another computer on your own personal network, giving you confidence that your computer is protected, and your personal information remains just that, personal.

How the VPN Service Works

From the user’s point of view, using a VPN is incredibly simple.

Subscribe to a high quality service, such as Easy Hide-VPN, and the full facility is available to you as soon as you turn on your PC.

At start up, you will be asked to choose a country, server location and IP address and off you go.

Use the internet in the same way as you always would, but now without the worry of identity theft, geographical censorship or online tracking that plagues the user of today.

Full Data Encryption

Data passed via a VPN service, is fully encrypted creating a much stronger level of security. It is then transferred through its own specialized section of the public system, offering exclusivity and protection from hackers and cyber attackers.

Even the free Wi-Fi in your local coffee shop becomes secure if you subscribe to the right VPN service. You can surf anywhere, from any device with complete and total confidence.

Hide Your IP

A VPN service is also like having your own private address on the internet not linked to your physical location.

Instead of issuing your genuine IP address and device information over the web, a VPN will hide your actual IP address and instead issue a new IP that is totally unrelated to you as an individual.

With the best VPN services, you will be given the opportunity choose your own IP address, thereby keeping your own identity totally secure. This means any data transferred online remains totally disassociated with the individual and the device that is sending it, making web surfing totally anonymous and confidential.

This is particularly useful when sending confidential business information between organisations. Or for using online banking or shopping facilities over the web.

Choose Your Server Location

Choose the right VPN Service and you will also be able to select the location of the server you connect to. And this won’t be just in terms of a choice of country, but you can even drill down to a town of choice from the best online providers.

You could choose to attach to the nearest server, or you could locate your server in a country which provides online resources not available in your own country.

Choose the server with the right level of adaptability and the ‘global information exchange’ ideal immediately moves from the realms of theory into physical reality.

Who Should Apply for a VPN Service?

Ultimately, anyone that uses any type of online facility on any type of device could benefit from a VPN Service.

If you access the web then you need VPN protection.

Easy Hide-VPN provides, security, confidentiality and access to information across the world that is just not possible without it.

Operate online without VPN and you are leaving yourself open to hackers, malware, limited information access and the risk of your data being seen across the world.

How to Choose the Best VPN Service

The key to choosing the best VPN Service is to find a provider that offers the facilities you want with the level of security that you need.

Server Speeds

For some VPN users the main drawback to such a facility is the effect it can have on server speeds, with many offerings reducing download and upload rates by as much as 50%.

However with a high quality service such as EasyHide-VPN, there will be no reduction in server performance, and in some cases using this service may even improve download times.


When you start to use a VPN, you soon come to realize just how important it is to funnel every element of your online activity through it. Which means bandwidth issues are something you can really do without.

Therefore avoid low level or free VPN services which limit bandwidth otherwise you will protect your data for the first few days of each month, and then find yourself completely exposed for the rest of it.

For the best service, ensure you subscribe to a VPN that offers unlimited bandwidth, this will make sure you can enjoy full protection all year round, no matter how active you are.

Server Numbers

Imagine you want to go online when you are in the US and use a British server, only to find that the one and only server your VPN has on British soil is completely full. This means you either risk accessing the internet without protection, or have to wait until the server becomes free before you can go online.

Whichever you choose, this scenario is totally unacceptable, yet it happens to subscribers of poor quality VPN services every day.

So make sure you don’t fall into this trap and instead choose a provider with multiple servers in each location, like Easy Hide-VPN. We have servers in every key point across the globe, with multiple access points and online back-up services to ensure you can gain access wherever and whenever you want.


When it comes to the best VPN Services, it is a case of you get what you pay for.

Ultimately multiple servers in each geographical location, high quality infrastructure providing the fastest download speeds and outstanding customer service all have to be paid for. And risking your online security with a free or budget solution is simply a risk not worth taking.

In today’s world of identity theft, data hacking and online invasion, deciding to use a VPN is an easy choice to make. But when it comes to getting the best service, make sure you opt for the best.