How VPN Software Can Help Prevent Identity Theft

by ehadmin, September 25, 2014

It is estimated that the cost of Identity Theft across the globe has now have reached as much as $5 billion, with the price of repairing the damage even higher.

This cost now far outweighs the risks originating from spam, spyware or even online viruses. And the need to find a consistent and reliable defence against this type of crime is growing more and more urgent.

But now, with VPN Software, the opportunity to provide protection against this sort of crime is becoming very real.

How VPN Can Help

Identities are stolen on an almost daily basis. But rather than attacking heavily protected hardware, potential identity thieves are now targeting the weakest spot in any online communication, the data transmission itself.Currently, five key sources provide the easiest pickings for identity thieves:

  • social networks
  • phishing emails
  • malicious attachments in emails
  • malicious websites
  • peer-to-peer file sharing

But the security provided by a virtual private network can block the potential opportunities for criminal activity across all five of these pathways, making online communication considerably safer.

The Benefits of Using VPN to Protect Against Identity Theft

When a user accesses the internet via VPN, the connection used is heavily encrypted.

This means any hacker who is able to access the information will be rewarded with a file full of complete gibberish which is virtually impossible to decipher.

Even when the network being used is intrinsically insecure, VPN stills provides full protection so that the risk of identity theft is considerably reduced.

Furthermore, VPN technology helps to conceal the users’ IP address thereby reducing the ability of any potential hacker to track the physical location of user or override resident firewalls.

And if someone did manage to penetrate a VPN protected connection with the intent on planting plant malicious or harmful code to access personal information, the software would immediately identify such actions as Trojan and block the activity, ensuring maximum protection.

Protection for Mobile Devices

But it is not only laptops, desktops and servers, that VPN software can protect.

Mobile devices, especially smartphones, are now an integral part of everyone’s online experience. And with the increasing use of mobile banking apps and file sharing on these devices, the opportunity they offer in terms of potential targets for identity thieves is incredible.

But with VPN software, mobile devices, smartphones and tablets gain the same protection as traditional hardware, making the entire mobile network considerably safer.

The Importance of Proactivity

The key to providing a successful defence against identity theft is proactivity. The sooner VPN is installed the sooner the opportunity for potential hackers is eliminated.

And while much theft in day to day life is totally visible, when it comes to identity theft, it can happen at any time, in any place, and usually without you discovering what has happened until it is far too late.

So make sure you choose a high quality VPN provider that offers 128 bit encryption in any location you choose for maximum security.

While many IT experts still profess identity theft to be a titanic threat. With reliable software like EasyHide-VPN, it is more akin to a glass of ice all set to melt.

  • Dennis Vanek

    I am using Easy Hide how is VPN different? Or, is that a VPN?

    • Paul Davies

      Yes EH VPN is different from Easy Hide IP Classic, both are available for a free trail of 3 days but also if you have a Classic license then you can use the VPN with that same license though not both at the same time.

  • noopeptt

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  • Paul Davies

    There should be new content at least once a week, maybe more

  • Flyingboy

    I’ve used Easy-hide IP for a few years now, but find I still have an old version (3.7.2 ) how can I upgrade, I’ve never had any issues with the program, in Fact It’s never let me down, but why oh Why haven’t I been kept appraised of the updates and new events from you guys. All my emails to support are blocked and the on-line support page doesn’t exist. (404 Error)

    Sorry didn’t know where else to try and contact you

    • Paul Davies

      If you change to the new Easy Hide VPN, this program has a built in update feature and will inform you of a new updates when they occur and then, if you allow, will download and update automatically.

      You can get the new program here

  • Joe

    I have classic easy hide, What is the difference between classic easy hide and VPN. I do understand VPN is a secured connection between user and destination besides this what are the differences?