How to Bypass Country Internet Restrictions

by Paul Davies, November 28, 2014

Users around the world were horrified when it came to light that certain countries were blocking access to Facebook. But geographical censorship online is more common than you would think.

Though the fundamental intention of the World Wide Web was to provide one united forum for information across the world, in reality the country in which you are based can restrict the type of websites you can access, the content you can view, or even stop you uploading information altogether. And whether you have moved to a new location and still need access now unavailable to you, or you just don’t agree with regional censorship in your area, such restrictions can be both personally limiting and hinder potential business opportunities.

But there are ways around it.

Change the Location of Your Server

Primarily, it is not the location of a specific device that initially triggers regional censorship blocks. It is actually the location of the server that it is connected to. And therefore, if you do not want to be discriminated against because of your geographical location, the simple solution comes from changing the location of the server you attach to.

To bypass country internet restrictions choose a server that is not based in a country that limits the access you need. This can be done by manually searching for a proxy server in the settings of your computer. However, this can be both an arduous task and open up your device to potential security issues that can make the entire process far too risky.

Alternatively, choose a software program that will automate the task required and allow you to pick the country where your server sits with ease. Once you have chosen the appropriate location, simply refresh the web page and the information you wanted to see will be right there.

Keep Your IP Hidden

Once the device is linked to the appropriately chosen geographical area, the second step is to ensure your specific location is not disclosed by your IP address.

By hiding your IP online it becomes impossible to link your own internet activity back to you as an individual and also further limits the opportunity for anyone to uncover your physical location or any personal details attached to it.

Such an action will make it much easier for you to gain access to the parts of the web that would otherwise be denied to you, and it also makes your online activity much more secure.

Ideally, choose a service provider that will allow you to select your own IP address, doing away with the limitations associated with physical locations, and the prejudice that goes with them.

Choose Easy-Hide-IP VPN

Unlike any other service providers Easy-Hide VPN will not only provide you with the ability to select the country in which your server is based, it will also allow you to select the town and even the IP address. This option ensures your internet access is completely unfettered, putting you firmly back in control.

And by choosing our option to hide your IP address, or choose your own, we also provide you with the security you need to surf with confidence.

Easy-Hide VPN offers the ultimate solution to country restrictions, and it can all be yours with a simple touch of a button.