How Private is Google Privacy?

by Paul Davies, June 4, 2015

e The extent of information that Google is able to collect about every online user appears to be growing by the day. It seems that 24 hours cannot go past without another insight into their ability to gain new information. But now it looks like Google are starting to do something to turn the tide, with the introduction of the new Google Privacy concept.

This week, Easy-Hide VPN have been briefed on the new Google Privacy page that they say now provides greater control to you, the user, over what information Google can collect about you. And what they can do with it. So if you are a Google user (who isn’t?!) then read on. And make sure your Google settings are maximising your online privacy.

How to Use Google Privacy

Like all recent user friendly innovations, from the Facebook data use page to the Instagram overhaul, the Google Privacy page is very easy to use. Simply log into your Google account and select ‘Personal Info & Privacy’ option with the account settings and take your own Privacy Check-Up.

Google will walk you through all the information they collect and how to change the options to make your online activity more secure. It’s very easy to use. The question is will it do any good?

Privacy That’s Not Very Private

Read through the instructions of the new Google Privacy page and one thing becomes clear. Privacy is a very loose term indeed. Not only do the guidelines show you that historical information collected on your profile will continue to be used. But it also states that further information may still be collected if it will ‘help improve your user experience.’

Even in the settings to stop online publication of your play lists, your watch history on You Tube or even your location, the setting you opt for is ‘paused’, not stopped completely.

Yes, this new page makes management of your information a little easier. But they are all choices you could make before the new page was created – if you knew where to look.

So in terms of privacy, Google are offering very little more than they ever did before. But there is a plus side. What is key about this new page, is that it brings to light just how much information Google are collecting. Link your online activity with your physical presence in this way and you are providing a very personal insight into your life to people you would probably rather did not have access to such information. And when you open access to corporations such as Google, who is following them?

The likes of the NSA and security services across the world can glean this same information, and so can far more unsavoury characters. Take these options and Google may no longer be sharing your information but how many other service providers do you use across the web that don’t offer you this facility?

Keep Your Privacy Private

The easiest way to ensure your information is not being shared is to not share it in the first place.

Rather than log into a google account and spread your data across the world, use a quality VPN service like Easy Hide VPN and shield your online activity using anonymous facilities. This hides ip addresses, protects your data and ensures your personal life stays just that.

Thank you Google for highlighting the need for protection. We just don’t think Google privacy is private enough.