How Does VPN Software Work?

by Paul Davies, January 8, 2015

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a piece of software that sits on each individual computer, phone or tablet providing a secure and reliable connection between two points of contact on the internet.

When you use Easy Hide VPN, it is as if you are on the same private network as the person or corporation you are contacting, offering full protection every time you are online.

The VPN works by creating its own secure channel within the flow of communication that crosses the world at speed every second of the day.

But while information exchanged outside the VPN is jumbled together, and can be open to hacking as well as identify theft, the VPN provides its own unique virtual protection, ensuring a level of security that is simply not possible without it.

The History of VPN

Virtual Private Network software was originally used by businesses as a way of providing remote office users with a method of safely transferring sensitive, and often confidential information, across the web when they were out of the office.

However, as the benefits of the VPN system became better known across the globe, more and more personal users started to understand how a VPN could provide the same level of protection for their own personal online activity. And VPN software is now seen as a vital part of every user’s internet security.

The Benefits of VPN

Security: The Virtual Private Network creates a secure connection to the web, even when using unsecure Wi-Fi facilities. This is especially important when using mobile Wi-Fi or hotspots, where your online defences are at their lowest. Even if you are sharing an unprotected connection with other users, your VPN will ensure a direct and protected channel for your information which is inaccessible, even to those sat in the same room.

Data Encryption: All data sent from a device protected by a VPN is fully encrypted. This ensures that, if anyone was to hack the data being transmitted via the VPN, all they would be able to see is a stream of code that would make no sense to them at all.

Anonymity: A high quality VPN will also hide IP addresses as standard. But at Easy Hide we go one step further and allow you to choose your IP address yourself. This ensures your full anonymity on the web and greater protection for you. Location and online activity is untraceable and cannot be linked back to the user, removing the risks of identity theft and maintaining every individual’s right to privacy.

Freedom: Use a VPN such as Easy Hide VPN and you can also choose the town and country of the server you use. This means if access to movies, files or data is limited by regional censorship, the VPN software will circumnavigate this issue and provide full freedom of information.

Speed: By being offered a choice of servers, it is also possible to maximise your internet connection speed, ensuring the greatest level of efficiency wherever you are in the world. When local servers in your area suffer from low speed issues, simply switch to a higher performing location and enjoy the highest internet speeds possible.

How to Use a VPN

After downloading a VPN service, using the actual software is incredibly simple.

Just choose the location of the server you wish you use and press the button. Even if you are sat in a remote café in the far corners of the earth, your device will enjoy a fully protected internet connection that gives you the confidence you need.

A VPN makes it feel like every internet connection is as secure as your own home network. And if you are using your device to connect to the internet without it, then you remain exposed.