Google Alert Helps Reinforce Your Security Online

by Paul Davies, May 1, 2015

If you are one of the millions of online users that choose to use the same password every online account, you may have to think again. As this week Google introduces yet another alert. This time to stop you reusing the same old security details.

Even if you think you have discovered a really complex password that will never been broken, it is still not wise to use it on more than one account. And just to prove it, this new piece of software, aimed at Google Chrome users, means you are now going to have to think of some new ones.

It’s All About Security

In this new file extension, Google Chrome users will be warned every time they try to use their Google Chrome password on other sites, encouraging their users to think up new passwords for every online account. And if they do try to enter their Google password on a site which is not a Google log on screen, clear and visible warnings will try and put a stop to the practice before it has even started.

Keep It Varied

By creating such a widely available sanity check for Google users (which has apparently been used internally in the organisation for years) Google are reinforcing the fact that the more varied your passwords are the safer you are online.

And by instilling this practice into the online customer base as a whole, the internet could become a much safer place to be.

One recent survey suggested up to 60% of online users apply the same password to every online account they have. Meaning that if your password is accessed on one site, any potential criminal can gain access to all your online dealings.

Stop the Phishing

But in particular, this extension is focussed on stopping the practice of phishing.

In a phishing attack emails are sent to unsuspecting users directing them to sites that look like the log on pages but are actually scandalous attempts to steal your passwords. And once they have your password for one account, it is highly likely that they will gain access to more of your online services.

But by taking heed of the warnings that Google are now providing, every user should start to create a greater variety of online passwords and therefore close down the opportunity for phishing crime.

How You Can Help

Stop for a minute and consider your online accounts.

If you find that you have used the same password for more account, now is the time to act.

All reputable online systems provide the opportunity to change your password, so make sure you do it now and make every one different. At the same time install a high quality VPN service, like the one from EasyHide-VPN eliminating a high percentage of phishing emails before they even get to you.

This service will hide IP addresses, breaking the connection between your online activity and physical presence, and stop potential criminals from gaining access to your private information.

It’s not often a move by Google sparks a positive chain of events, but this new extension could well be the exception that proves the rule.