5 Reasons to be Concerned about Online Privacy

by Paul Davies, December 8, 2014

‘It Will Never Happen To Me’, that’s the usual thought that goes round most people’s head when you talk about the threats to online privacy. But in fact, it can happen to you, and unless you act quickly, it most likely will.

Identity Theft

The greatest threat to online privacy at the moment has to be identify theft. When potential criminals can gain access to your most personal information they can take away every part of you.

This can mean spending money in your name, but it can also lead to your profile being used for illegal immigration, drug trafficking and many other forms of serious crime.

Location Tracking

With the increasing use of mobile devices, not only is it possible for people to know who you are, but they can also work out where you are too. And if this means that if you are where you shouldn’t be or you have left your home unoccupied, this too can open you up to considerable levels of crime and fraudulent activity.

Facial Recognition

Did you know that every time you are tagged in a photo or your face appears online, a database is building up enabling instant recognition of your physical features? So how long will it be before any camera, anywhere in the world can subscribe to the same formula and instantly recognize you wherever you go?

Cyber Bullying

Originally of most concern to parents, cyber bullying is becoming an increasing problem across the globe for adults and children alike.

Whether it is from Social Media sites or direct emails; potential bullies or child groomers are using the information they find online to gain access to potential vulnerable individuals and exploit them.

Big Brother

Call them the NSA, Intelligence or basically any Government department you like, Big Brother is watching and they are watching you. You only have to look at the huge rise in requests from Governments across the world to release private Facebook data to know that, if you let them, every step you take online can be tracked. And not only is this a gross invasion of privacy, it also goes against our core Civil Liberties.

Address Your Online Privacy Concerns

A recent survey in the US showed that up to 91% of internet users are concerned about their online privacy. But still many do not have the inclination or knowledge to do anything about it.

But the First Step is Quick and Incredibly Easy.

Use Easy-Hide VPN software and not only are you protected against identity theft and potential hackers, but the risk of virus or malware attacks is also reduced.
Furthermore, your online activity will become completely detached from your private profile. You can even hide your IP address so that your physical location is unrecognizable.
Exposing ourselves to the internet is inevitable in the move towards an all-encompassing online information age. But that still doesn’t mean we can’t keep our personal data private.